Through a series of physical and word based Improvisational exercises connecting directly to how we think and behave, we will look at the skills used to create a state of presence allowing for awareness of mind, dealing with nervous energy to develop clearer communication in impromptu situations and techniques to cultivate active listening in a team dynamic.
This workshop will nurture and develop an awareness of individuals and team’s ability to handle any situation.
Plus we’ll have a few laughs along the way.
In the moment
We look at the development of creating a supportive and inspiring environment for the generation of ideas to assist in effective brainstorming.
We focus on the allowance and acceptance of creative thought by using improvisational techniques designed to open the imagination.
By removing the minds creative blocks and exploring the ability to eliminate our internal conversations and criticisms we learn to celebrate our successes, accept our failures and importantly, recover fast when we do.
This is the perfect team building activity if you’re looking for something lighthearted, full of laughs and yet still challenging for the delegates.
The Confidence Men will share with you the secrets of their success with performance skills, Improvisation techniques and games.
We will then facilitate and MC your very own show-time performance, in a supportive and safe environment you’ll have the opportunity to laugh at yourself and each other as teams face their fears and take to the stage to show-off their new skills.
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This is a training program that draws power from ‘ensemble thinking’, the power that relies on the equally from each member.
When you create an ensemble, you're looking for different points of view, but this can be challenging, This workshop is fun, lighthearted and utilizes our skills as improvisers which we rely on to cultivate collaboration, support, and trust.
The Confidence men will ensure participants get the most out of the role-play experience
With an awareness of the key performance indicators, as well as our experience in both acting and business, we will provide a consistently challenging, yet supportive, learning environment for all participants.
While performing in a variety of roles in a range of set scenarios, we are constantly tailoring our behavior to subtly guide the participant to effectively demonstrate their style.
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