Our brag page

We  treat each of our clients with the utmost of respect and appreciation – so imagine how we feel when they say nice things about us … we just had to share some of them.


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At our conference this year our network made a movie as a team building activity with Patrick and Geoff. I’ve never seen our whole network get involved in something so out of their comfort zones and enjoy every moment of it. Thank you for another great conference! 

Jess Gibbs – Marketing Co-ordinator – Fastway Couriers


Best response we have ever had to our guest speakers from the 6 Conferences we have held, engaged with the audience the whole time and entertained both our delegates and suppliers with their unique presentation style.

Would happily use The Confidence Men again and would be surprised if some of our Corporate Suppliers do not use them in the near future.

Karen Justice – Group Manager – Just For Pets 


The feedback from participants while on program was that you are a very impressive duo of improvisers, and they felt privileged to have you work with them in a small group setting which fostered a safe environment to take a risk.

Thank you for your very valuable contribution to the pilot Women’s Leadership Program. I look forward to working with you again in future.

Katalin Howell – Tailored Solutions for Leadership Victoria


This session is the one that surprised me the most, I usually dread Role plays, The format, fail saftely, excellent improvisors was a perfect formula to make this activity so valuable.

Participant – Leadership Victoria



Patrick, you and Geoff were just fantastic easily the ‘talk of the conference’ and your communication training session was so valuable and entertaining – just what the delegates needed.

A special thanks also for the way you handled the presentation for our Platinum sponsors you made them feel very valued – much appreciated. 

Jonathan Ricketts – PCO – JFP Buyers Group


Patrick and Geoff did a wonderful job at creating an interactive and exciting component to the session that really brought the work we had done with the leadership team to life. Feedback was fantastic and we will definitely use them again. 

Alon Cassuto: Composure Group